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Vission and Mission


The richness of diversity of children and teachers are to be tapped for progressive development of the school, knowledge of the words, language and culture, knowledge of the economy, knowledge of the subjects of study, the proper behavior changes, the attitude to face the global challenges, the desire to take part in the national / international tests, changes of ethics and the patriotic fervour are being moulded to make everyone a capable and better citizen. This is the background with which the Trust and the school work towards transforming all children


  • Collaboration (parents and teachers work together for the betterment of children).
  • Imparting a sense of belonging and values of life.
  • Balanced work of staff to common goals.
  • Best co-curricular and other activities.
  • Trust visibly seen every where in all our activities.
  • Recognition of contribution of staff and children, celebration and organization of important items such as Grammar day manners day, field trips etc.
  • Tangible support from everyone, irrespective of caste, creed and socioeconomic background.
  • Thus the transition of children for their improvement.


The School is more than a building, books, bell schedules, and calendar of activities, policies, agreements and school rules. It is people: Children, Teachers, Instructors (Yoga, Kung-fu), technology support and parents. Further it is a place of emotions, place for celebrations, personality development, enjoying accomplishments, a safe place to make mistakes and to recover from defeat. It is a place of spirit and creativity. One can be silly and discuss serious topics. It helps children to develop critical thinking and higher order cognitive skills – evaluation, analysis and synthesis. The Management and the Staff have been taking all consistent efforts to have inter – religious prayer on all Fridays to instills spirituality and Universal brotherhood in the minds of students at the requisite age.