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Sri Ramakrishna Matric.Hr.Sec.School, Vattamalaipalayam Dress Code


1. Only notebooks, paper and a pencil or a pen may be brought inside the library along with the library books due for return.

2. Students may borrow one book at a time with their library cards. Students of Classes IX to XII may borrow two books at a time.

3. Students are responsible for the books borrowed on their cards. Any damage to the books should be pointed out the time of borrowing and the signature of the librarian obtained. The loss of books or the discovery of any damage to them will have to be compensated for by the students.

4. If a book is lost, it has to be replaced by a new one or its market price has to be paid.

5. Students are welcome to use the library for reference work during school hours if they come with written permission from the Principal / Subject Teacher / Class Teacher.

6. Library books, magazines and furniture are the property of the school and must not be marked, damaged or taken out of thelibrary without permission.

7. Leave the library in the same condition as it was when you entered.Push in your chair when you leave a table.Put all materials away when you finish with them.

8. Complete silence should be maintained inside and in the vicinity of the library.