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The classes (based on everyday language) consist in interactive classes (60 hours – classes taught in small groups, with the emphasis on speaking), and ex-cathedra classes (30 hours – grammar revision, various tests, listening comprehension exercises, vocabulary, remedial classes). Using the language as a communication tool is the main objective of the classes. However, the 1st year programme also insists on revising the language basics (basic vocabulary, grammar…) in order to enable everyone to catch up and strengthen the skills acquired at secondary school.

The classes also include e-learning techniques and methods which enable students to learn at their own pace. “Conversation tables” are also organised to train speaking skills.Interactive classes in small groups. The main objective of the classes is to master the language commonly used in the corporate and business world as well as to develop professional skills that students will use in their life as future managers: chairing meetings, making professional presentations in front of an audience, negotiating, job-interviews (professional-behaviour seminar), expressing a well-developed and informed opinion…Students are also given the opportunity to improve their language skills.