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Sri Ramakrishna Matric.Hr.Sec.School, Vattamalaipalayam


Physics Laboratory

This honors course is based on Georgia Virtual Learning’s AP physics course. Students use readings, videos and simulators to learn about Newtonian mechanics, fluid mechanics & thermal physics, electricity & magnetism, waves & optics, and atomic &nuclear physics.




Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry lab technicians assist chemists in their lab work. As time progresses, lab technicians are completing a greater number of tasks that previously would have been performed by highly trained chemists. Technicians are responsible for monitoring chemical processes and testing products as part of quality assurance.



Biology Laboratory

Biology LaboratoryBiology lab assistants begin assisting with experiments by logging details and setting up lab equipment, such as specialized microscopes and electronic hematology differential cell counters. Prior to beginning the experiment, they may also need to clean and calibrate equipment, measure compounds and prepare solutions for use. Next, biology lab assistants perform or help with experiments.



Computer Science Laboratory

Computer Science LaboratoryKeeping abreast of current requirements, Computer Science is integrated into the curriculum of the school, with a fully trained Computer Science Faculty providing hands -on- training in all aspects of the subject providing one computer for every child during weekly practical classes. Well-equipped laboratories ensure high quality input to each student in this subject.