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Sri Ramakrishna Matric.Hr.Sec.School, Vattamalaipalayam Dress Code

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

  • The student will report on time for their respective classes.
  • Any student who is absent shall produce a medical certificate or provide a valid reason, through a letter signed by the parent to the class teacher.
  • Minimum attendance for any student is 90% before they can be allowed to sit for examinations.
  • Student will maintain good discipline within the school premises
  • The students are required to be dressed in appropriate uniform
  • Student must be well groomed and maintain high personal hygiene standards.
  • Girls are not allowed to have heavy mark-up or wearing jewellery
  • Student should not be loitering around the school premises when they do not have classes unless they have a valid reason.
  • Student should not be involved in any act which may endanger themselves or other student or school staff or other third party on the school premises – threatening, intimidating, compelling, interfering, fighting, provoking, etc
  • Student should not indulge in marking false or malicious statement about any student, the school or its provision
  • Student should not pate, alter, delete or deface any poster or similar document from the school notice board or school property.
  • Student should always obey the instructions of all teachers
  • Student are forbidden to remove any property within the school premises without proper authorization
  • Student should not conduct any acts of theft and vandalism or be involved in any immoral conduct, indecency, touting, soliciting or political activity.
  • Student should not posses any fire arms, explosive, illegal items, dangerous item, etc. within the school premises.
  • Student shall not solicit or collect contributions for any purpose within the school premises or outside using the school’s name without written authorization from the management of the school
  • Student shall not be involved in any acts which may be detrimental to the image of the school
  • Student should not involve in gangster activities, bullying, kicking, pushing and biting.