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Sri Ramakrishna Matric.Hr.Sec.School, Vattamalaipalayam Dress Code

Dress Code

Every student should be in the school with the prescribed uniform. For boys & girls prescribed uniform, belt and black shoes and grey socks are available in the school premises.


Grey shorts / Pant and Grey checked shirt is prescribed. School badge and belt must be worn.


L.K.G. to 5th STD : Grey checked shirt and Grey pinafore.

6th to 12th STD : Grey checked top and Grey bottom with Grey dupattaSchool badge must be worn. Shoes are also prescribed.

ID Card are issued to all students with photo, house address and contact number all student must wear ID card on all working days and during school working hours parent must take care to send children with all these items. Our security guard will ask for the purpose of entering the school campus from parents.

All should come to school in proper, clean & tidy uniform on all working days with ID cards around their neck.

Note: On all Wednesdays all students should wear the prescribed T- Shirt, school belt and shoes.