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SNR Sons Charitable Trust was founded in the year 1970 by the illustrious sons of Sri. S. N. Rangasamy Naidu namely, Late Sri Chinnasamy Naidu, Late Sri. P.R. Ramaswami Naidu, Sri. R. Doraiswami Naidu and Sevaratna Dr. R. Venkatesalu Naidu. Being an ardent devotee of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, all the institutions started by the Trust bear the name the HolySage “Sri Ramakrishna”. Following the Principles of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahama’s Philosophy to God through man’, the Trust successfully runs 14 Organizations significantly catering to social cause of society focusing on Health Care, Education and Service.

The SNR Sons Charitable Trust is the symbol of service to humanity in many dimensions. One such dimension is the starting of Educational institutions of excellence and providing sound education from nursery to doctoral levels and then Medical service providing physical relief to people at low cost with specialized service.
This school, started in 1990 is now a higher secondary school with a phenomenal strength of 1350 students and 52 teachers. It is no doubt that the growth of our institution shows the interest and commitment of the Managing Trustee and other Trustees.

We are delighted to note that our school has completed 24 years of great educational service. I take this opportunity to remind all of you, of its remarkable achievements in different fields.

Our school functions in a well planned terraced building with an area of 58,412 sq. ft. with all facilities and now we constructed 9 class rooms to adopt the increasing need. 7 buses are provided for transporting children safely.
Our school library has 4500 books in various subjects. 19 magazines and 4 newspapers are subscribed for the benefit of our children. They enjoy free access to library. We have separate well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science laboratories with the ultra modern furniture. The air conditioned Computer laboratory with broad band facility stands as a mark of our management’s Commitment in the field of digital learning.

Our Teachers are encouraged to attend refresher courses, and workshops to enhance their level of proficiency by Group of co-operating schools and Association of Matriculation Schools and Department of School Education.


Total commitments to social cause in a selfless mission to give relief to the needy and the poor.

To provide quality health care to the needy.

Giving education to students to produce graduates in different fields. General, Technical and Professional Education including Medical, Dental and Paramedical Science with competitive spirit and competence to serve the society and the country.